(1) Copyright transfer

All authors who have received notification of their paperfs acceptance by the ISOM program committee are required to complete the Copyright transfer form, provided herein (PDF), and promptly return it to the ISOM secretariat by postal mail, facsimile or e-mail attaching scanner data. Without the copyright transfer agreement, you will not be able to present your papers.

Those rights transferred to ISOM and those rights retained by the authors are as follows:
[Rights transferred to ISOM]

- Copyright including all reproduction rights related to the paper along with electronic media, translation rights, adaptation rights and rights related to derivative works.

[Rights retained by authors]

Moral right of authors.

Intellectual property rights other than copyright.

Rights related to the reuse of works by the authors for non-profit-making purposes provided that information indicating the source and the copyright owner is also provided.

Other usage that doesn't violate Japanese National Copyright Law.

Copyright transfer form

(2) How to get permission of use ISOM publications

Please complete the application form, provided herein, and send it to the ISOM secretariat by e-mail or post.  A document reply will be send after examination at the ISOM steering committee. Charges may be invoiced if the use is for commercial purposes.

Application form

ISOM Secretariat Office
c/o Adthree Publishing CO., Ltd.
3F Sunrise Build U,
5-20, Shinogawamachi,Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0814, Japan
E-mail: secretary@isom.jp